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2010-12-18 14:44:36 by StormVv01F

It is not the low vote score that irritates me, it's the assholes who do it and don't review. If your not going to review don't vote... You may or may not like my music, it doesn't make a difference to me, but if you're going to vote low, then tell me why it's low instead of being a prick.

Azure Tempest

2010-09-27 05:33:20 by StormVv01F

After a long and difficult learning curve, im starting to get the hang of Reason. Aure Tempest is nearly complete and i will post MOST of the songs on here, however, im remastering ALL the songs, adding a few more as well, in hopes someone will buy an album. im not sure howd id do it for anyone interested on here, but PM me and we'll talk. for those of you who know me in person, you know where and how to find me ;)

This is Stormwolf

2010-06-11 23:45:19 by StormVv01F

Hi everyone, just got Reason 4, after a six months of saving up money, and decided to put some of my stuff up. Heard Newgrounds was quite big with flash and audio so i decided to check it out. I'll be bringing a whole lot more in the near future.